First Bulgarian Empire

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First Bulgarian Empire
Първo Българско царство
Părvo Bălgarsko Tsarstvo

Bulgarian Empire at its greatest extent c. 920 under Simeon I the Great
Capital Pliska (681–893)
Preslav (893–972)
Skopie (972–992)
Ohrid (992–1185)
Language(s) Bulgar language, Old Bulgarian
Religion Tengrism (state religion),
Slavic Paganism (681–864),
Orthodox Christianity (864–1018)
Government Monarchy
Khan/Tsar (Emperor)
 - 681–700 Asparukh
 - 1018 Presian II
Legislature Kurultai
Historical era Middle Ages
 - Established 632
 - Arrival of Asparukh 681
 - Christianisation 864
 - Fall to the Byzantine Empire 1185
 - Disestablished 1185
 - 10th century 750,000 km2 (289,577 sq mi)
 - 10th century est. 4,000,000 
     Density 5.3 /km2  (13.8 /sq mi)

The First Bulgarian Empire was a medieval Bulgarian state founded in AD 632 in the lands near the Danube Delta and disintegrated in AD 1185 after its annexation to the Byzantine Empire. Culture of the First Bulgarian Empire.