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Tengrism is the shamanistic Ancient indigenous Paganism religion of the Turkic peoples.

Deity[change | change source]

The highest deity is the heavenly Khan Tengri (Sky God). Due to the emphasis on this deity, it has the features of monotheism, but it also includes Polytheism and Animism.

Relation with shamanism[change | change source]

The relationship to Shamanism is the subject of controversy; according to some, the Tengrist cult of heaven and shamanism are two different traditions; according to others, this cult existed within shamanism. There is No Male Circumcision in Tengrism. Parents who became believers in Modern Tengrisim didnt circumcise there Sons.

Today[change | change source]

Modern Tengrism started at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union in the intellectual circles of the Turkish peoples in Central Asia, especially between the Tatars, Kazakhs and Kyrgyz people. An organized revival of surviving traditions is also taking place in Yakutsk and Tuva. Similar movements include Turkey.[1]

References[change | change source]