Flag of East Turkestan

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East Turkestan
Kokbayraq flag.svg
UseNational flag and ensign
Adopted11 November 1933
DesignA blue (#0099FF) field with a white crescent moon and five-pointed star slightly left of centre.[1]
Flag of the Second East Turkestan Republic.svg
Variant flag of East Turkestan
UseNational flag and ensign Small vexillological symbol or pictogram in black and white showing the different uses of the flag
Adopted12 November 1944
DesignA blue (#0099FF) field with a white crescent moon and five-pointed star pointing to the upper-left.

The flag of East Turkestan (Uighur: شەرقىي تۈركىستان بايرىقى / Sherqiy Türkistan bayriqi / Шерқий Түркистан Байриқи), also known as the Kökbayraq ("sky flag"), was the national flag of the First East Turkestan Republic (1933–1934). The East Turkestan Flag has a white crescent (young waning moon) with a five pointed star on blue background, it was adopted on 12 November 1933 as the national flag of East Turkestan during Declaration of the Turkish Islamic Republic of East Turkestan.[2] With the exception of the blue background, the flag is identical to the Flag of Turkey.

Usage[change | change source]

In modern times it is popularly used as a symbol of the East Turkestan independence movement and used by the East Turkistan Government in Exile as the national flag of East Turkestan.[3] It is actively used by Uyghur / East Turkistani activists in protests against China's genocide of Uyghurs and the re-education camp system in Xinjiang.[source?]

The light blue colour (background) is taken from the colour of the sky and is a predominant colour in Turkic culture that represents the sky, essentially the blue represents Turkic peoples. The crescent represents the notion of being victorious (un-defeatable) and is not necessarily an Islamic symbol, in-fact it was the Turks that introduced the crescent into the Islamic world. The star represents the Turkic nation, it is also found on the flag of the White Hun (Hephthalite) Empire and various other Turkic empires and states.[1]

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