Formosa Province

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Bandera de la Provincia de Formosa.svg
Escudo de la Provincia de Formosa.svg
Coat of arms
Capital Formosa
Area 72,066 km² (27,825 sq mi)
Population 530,162 (2010)
Density 7.40 /km² (19 /sq mi)
Governor Gildo Insfrán
 - Senators Adriana Bortolozzi, Luis Petcoff Naidenoff, José Mayans
Timezone ART (UTC−3)
ISO 3166-2 code AR-P
Demonym Formoseño
Provincia de Formosa (Argentina).svg

Formosa Province is a province in northeastern Argentina. Its northeast end touches Asunción, Paraguay. The capital is Formosa.

Formosa's protected areas are the Río Pilcomayo National Park and the Formosa National Reserve.

Formosa is one of the poorest provinces in Argentina.

Coordinates: 26°11′00″S 58°10′30″W / 26.18333°S 58.17500°W / -26.18333; -58.17500