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Gavli, Gauli or Gawli is an Indian community, also known by the term Yadav, prominently found in the state of Goa and Maharashtra.[1] The Yadav (Gavli) community claims descent from the Great Yadav families to one of which lord Krishna the eighth incarnation of Vishnu belonged.

The whole of the North India, Gujarat and Deccan were only ruled by the Kings of the Yadav families. They have kept up their Kshatriya caste traditions, customs and occupations. They have given considerable recruits to the government andhave been regarded as Marathas and included in the Maratha regiments.[2]

Seuna (Yadava) Dynasty[change | change source]

The hill of Devagiri, the capital of Yadavas

Traditionally, Seuna Yadavas are called "Gavli Kings". Until Bhillama V (A.D. 1185-93) moved their capital from Sinnar, near Nasik, to Devgiri. Like Hoysala Yadavas, Seunas Yadavas were also originally pastoralists or cattle-herders. The Yadavas often proudly claimed their pastoral ancestry.[3][4]

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