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The Golden Grove was a ship of 375 tons under the command of Master Sharp.[1] She had been built as a store ship at Whitby in 1780.[2] She was 94 ft (29 m) long and 30 ft (9 m) wide.[3] The ship had a contract with the British Government to transport food and equipment. The owners were paid at a rate of 10 shillings per ton per month until the ship returned to Deptford.[1]

In October 1788 the Golden Grove took 32 convicts from Sydney to the penal colony on Norfolk Island. She left Port Jackson on November 19, 1788, with the Fishburn to return to England. After stopping at the Falkland Islands because of sailors sick with scurvy, she arrived back in Deptford in June 1789. Afterward the Golden Grove sailed from Newcastle and Liverpool, probably carrying rum from Jamaica. There is no information about the ship after 1804.[3]The Golden Grove was a supply ship in the first fleet and carried live stock and food along with a lot more.

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