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Grevenmacher is a commune with in eastern Luxembourg.[1]

The commune is in the canton of Grevenmacher,[2] which is part of the district of Grevenmacher.[3]

The city is next to the "Mousel", a river. Actually the mayor of the community is Léon Gloden from the CSV. The city has a population of 4562 (1st November 2011).

Sights[change | edit source]

Famous sights in Grevenmacher are for example the "Huelen Zant" the remains from an old castle, the chapel "Saint-Croix" (this is French and means "holy cross"), the "Kelsbach", a beautiful piece of nature, the "Jardin des papillons" (this is French again and means "garden of butterflies") a building which contains a lot of butterflies and other insects or the "Kulturhuef" which is a museum and a cinema.

Sport[change | edit source]

The city has three soccer places, two in "Op Floor" (there is also the stadium from the CSG the soccer club from Grevenmacher)and one on the bank from the Mousel. The city has also six tennis fields, three in a hall and the other three on the bank of the Mousel. Next to the tennis fields is an outdoor swimming pool. Grevenmacher has also two sports halls.

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