Harju County

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Harju County
Flag of Harju County
Coat of arms of Harju County
Coat of arms
Location of Harju County
 • GovernorÜlle Rajasalu
 • Total4,333 km2 (1,673 sq mi)
 (Jan 2011[1])
 • Total528,468
 • Density120/km2 (320/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeEE-37

Harju County (Estonian: Harju maakond) is one of the 15 counties of Estonia. It is in northern Estonia. Around 528,468 people live in Harju County. This is about 39.4% of the total population in Estonia (as of January 2011).[1]

Municipalities[change | change source]

The county is divided into municipalities. There are 6 urban municipalities (Estonian: linnad – towns) and 18 rural municipalities (Estonian: valladparishes) in Harju County.

Municipalities in Harju County

Urban municipalities:

Rural municipalities:

References[change | change source]

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