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Honda's Logo

Honda is a large engineering company from Japan. It is well known for making cars and motorcycles. Although Honda started in Japan, it now has many factories in other countries that includes the United States, Canada, Brazil, Thailand and China. Honda sells a luxury line of cars in the United States with the Acura name.

Some of the cars that Honda makes include the:

Some of the cars Honda has made in the past are:

Honda also makes ATVs. Honda is also known for participating in a very wide range of motorsport events, including Formula One , MotoGP, LeMans, IRL and others.

Honda also makes small engines for chainsaws, lawnmowers and leaf blowers.

Honda does a lot of research on humanlike robots. Honda built Asimo, a robot that can walk, talk, dance, carry things and answer questions. These are not yet for sale in the United States.

Honda also creates a, jet, known as the HondaJet. It is not often seen in the United States

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