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House of Wittelsbach

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The Wittelsbach family is a European royal family and a German dynasty from Bavaria.

Members of the family were rulers of Bavaria, either as Dukes, Electors or Kings, from 1180 until the revolution in 1918, after the defeat of Germany in World War I.

Other land, controlled by other branches of the family include

Territory From To Note
Counts Palatine of the Rhine 1214 1803 Break during the Napoleonic Wars
1816 1918
Margraves of Brandenburg 1323 1373
Counts of Holland 1345 1432
Counts of Hainaut
Counts of Zeeland
Elector-Archbishops of Cologne 1583 1761
Dukes of Jülich 1614 1794 Until occupied by the French
Dukes of Berg 1806
Kings of Sweden 1441 1448 Christopher of Bavaria as Kristofer av Bayern
1654 1720 Charles X Gustav, Charles XI, Charles XII, Ulrika Eleonora
Dukes of Bremen-Verden 1654 1719

Wittelsbachs also ruled as

Title Reign started Reign ended Note
Holy Roman Emperor 1328 1347 Louis IV
1742 1745 Charles VII
King of the Romans 1400 1410 Rupert
Anti-Kings of Bohemia 1619 1620 Frederick V, the Winter King
1741 1743 Karel Albrecht Bavorský
King of Hungary 1305 1308 Béla V
King of Denmark 1440 1448 Christopher of Bavaria as Christoffer af Bayern
King of Norway 1442 Christopher of Bavaria as Christoffer av Bayern
King of Greece 1832 1862 Otto I of Greece