List of Danish monarchs

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King/Queen of Denmark
Margaret II in 2016
Margaret II
since 14 January 1972
First monarchUnknown
(7th century or before)

This is a list of Danish monarchs since 950 (note that the actual list of kings of Denmark goes more than 200 years further back than that)

Ruler Reign Notes / Also known as Picture
Gorm the Old c. 936 to 958/964 Son of Cnut or Harthacnut (Airde Conut) that was a
king of Northumbria and later king of Denmark
in the begining of the 10th century
Harald I Bluetooth 962/63/64-985 The wireless network was named after him
Pledge the whole nation to christianity in 965
Sweyn Forkbeard (Sweyn I) 985/86-1014 fell off his horse at the age of 50
Sweyn Forkbeard.jpg
Harald II 1014-1018
Painting of Harald II of Denmark (ca. 1880).jpg
Canute the Great 1018-1035 King of England, Denmark, Norway and parts of Sweden
Canute and Ælfgifu cropped (Canute).jpg

(first contemporary portrait of a Danish king)
Harthacnute 1028-1042 also King of England
Harthacnut - MS Royal 14 B VI.jpg
Magnus I Olafsson 1042-1047 also King of Norway
Magnusstenen 6.jpg
Sweyn II 1047-1076 Every following Danish monarch are descended from him
Svend Estridsen - 1911 portrait bust.jpg
Harald III 1076-1080 the soft
Albert Haelwegh, Harald III.png
Canute IV 1080-1086 first royal saint in Denmark
Skt. Knud den Hellige.JPG
Olaf I 1086-1095 Hunger
Oluf hunger.jpg
Eric I 1095-1103 Evergood
Niels 1104-1134 Also called Nicholas
Coin of Niels, King of Denmark 1104 1134.jpg
Eric II 1034-1037 assassinated, The Memorable
Erik Emune Ribe.JPG
Eric III 1137-1146 Lamb
Sweyn III (Grathe)
Canute V
Waldemar Knut Swen.jpg
Valdemar I
Canute VI


Valdemar II (the victorious)
Valdemar III (the younger)


Eric Ploughpenny 1232-1250
Eric IV of Denmark.jpg
Abel 1250-1252 last Danish King to die in battle
Kong abel cropped.jpg
Christopher I 1252-1259
Christopher I of Denmark.jpg
Eric ‘’klipping’’ 1259-1286 last Danish King to be murdered
Eric V of Denmark.jpg
Eric VI 1286-1319 Menved
Erik Menved (Sankt Bendts Kirke).jpg
Christopher II 1320-1326
Eric VII 1321-1326
Valdemar IV 1326-1329
Christopher II 1329-1332
Valdemar V Atterdag 1340-1375
Valdemar Atterdag.jpg
Olaf II 1376-1387
Margaret I 1376-1412 Created and ruled the Kalmar Union
Margaret of Denmark, Norway & Sweden (1389) effigy 2010 (2).jpg
Eric VII 1396-1412-1439
Eric VII the Pomeranian of Denmark (photo 2010).jpg
Christopher III (1439)1440-1448
Christopher III of Denmark c 1853.jpg
Christian I 1448-1481
Christian I of Denmark, Norway & Sweden 1440s.jpg
Hans 1481-1513
Hans of Denmark.jpg
Christian II 1513-1523 last ruler of the Kalmar Union
Frederick I 1523-1533
Fredrik I, 1471-1533, kung av Danmark och Norge - Nationalmuseum - 15798.tif
Christian III 1534-1559
Christian III of Denmark.jpg
Frederick II 1559-1588
Hendrick Goltzius - Frederick II of Denmark and Norway.png
Christian IV 1588-1648 longest ruling
Christian IV Pieter Isaacsz 1612.jpg
Frederick III 1648-1670 first absolute monarch from 1660
Frederik III i rustning.jpg
Christian V 1670-1699
Portret van Christiaan V, koning van Denemarken Theatrum pontificum, imperatorum, regum, ducum (..) (serietitel), RP-P-OB-7844.jpg
Frederick IV 1699-1730
König Frederik IV von Dänemark und Norwegen.png
Christian VI 1730-1746
Johann Salomon Wahl - Christian VI - KMS1580 - Statens Museum for Kunst.jpg
Frederick V 1746-1766
Frederick V (1723-1766).jpg
Christian VII 1766-1808
Christian VII of Denmark crop.jpg
Frederick VI 1808-1839 last king of both Denmark and Norway
Bust of Frederick VI of Denmark, Thorvaldsens Museum.jpg
Christian VIII 1839-1848
Christian VIII of Denmark 02.jpg
Frederick VII 1848-1863 Gave the constitution of 1849
Frederick VII of Denmark.jpg
Christian IX 1863-1906 "Father-in-law of Europe"
Christian IX.jpg
Frederick VIII 1906-1912
King of Denmark, Eneret - Eneret LCCN2014683529.jpg
Christian X 1912-1947 also King of Iceland
Christian X of Denmark circa 1915.jpg
Frederick IX of Denmark 1947-1972
Frederick IX of Denmark.jpg
Margaret II 1972-present
Dronning Margrethe II ved Rebildfesten 2022 (beskåret).jpg

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