Interstate 74

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Interstate 74 marker

Interstate 74
I-74 highlighted in red
Route information
Length428.81 mi[1] (690.10 km)
As of October 31, 2002
Major junctions
West endError: Module:Road_data/util:19: Duplicate key: GRR-SpurModule:Jct error: Invalid route type in Davenport, IA
East end US 74 / NC 41 near Lumberton, NC
StatesIowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina
Highway system

Interstate 74 is an Interstate Highway in the United States. The main part of it goes from Davenport, Iowa east to Cincinnati, Ohio and will be extended to Georgetown, South Carolina. There are three parts of Interstate 74 that are in North Carolina, with no part being connected. All four parts of Interstate 74 will become part of one road. Interstate 74 was 428.81 miles (690.10 km) long as of 2021.[1]

References[change | change source]

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