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James Gordon (comics)

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Commissioner James Gordon is a fictional Batman character who is the police commissioner of Gotham City and is a fellow ally of Batman who gives him all of his missions and criminals to capture or question. In some cases, Gordon doesn't know Batman's identity, in other cases he does. He is the father of Barbara Gordon, who is secretly Batgirl.

He was played by Lyle Talbot in Batman shows, Neil Hamilton in Batman, Bob Hastings made his voice in Batman: The Animated Series, he was played by Pat Hingle in four Batman movies; Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and in Batman & Robin, and he was recently played by Gary Oldman in The Dark Knight Trilogy; Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and in The Dark Knight Rises. He was voiced by Héctor Elizondo in The Lego Batman Movie. He will be played by J. K. Simmons in the upcoming 2017 movie Justice League Part One.