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Jand Tehsil

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Jand Tehsil
Jand Tehsil is located in Pakistan
Jand Tehsil
Jand Tehsil
Coordinates: 33°41′33″N 72°27′12″E / 33.69250°N 72.45333°E / 33.69250; 72.45333
Union Councils13
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

Jand Tehsil is one of the six tehsils (subdivisions) of Attock District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.


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The tehsil is administratively subdivided into 12 Union Councils, these are:[1]

  • Basal
  • Chhab
  • Jaba
  • Jand
  • Khunda
  • Langar
  • Mukhad
  • Nara
  • Pindsultani
  • Saghri
  • Tarap
  • Thatta

Notice of important sites in the tehsil

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  • The village of Thatta, here in Jand Tehsil, has been one of the most important and historical villages of the Attock District. It is believed to have been founded by Sher Shah Suri, while some believe that it was founded much earlier, in the time of Alexander's invasion. At present, the Khattar family of this village is known to have played a very important role in the progress of the country and the region.
  • The village of Mukhud or Makhad, is the location of a famous local Sufi shrine, of the Peer-e-Mukhud (The Saint of Mukhud) which is a popular place of pilgrimage in the area.
  • The village Saghri or Sagri, is home to a colony of 'Sagri Pathans', or settlers of the Pathan (Pashtun) tribe of Khattaks, who came from their original homeland across the Indus River some centuries ago and settled here. They are well known for their active role as soldiers in the British Indian Army and now the Pakistan Army.
  • The village of Khunda was the birthplace of the late member of parliament Malik Allahyar Khan (1927-2008), of the Jodhra tribe, a well-known political personality of the Punjab (Pakistan).


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