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875 North Michigan Avenue
John Hancock Center.jpg
875 North Michigan Avenue
John Hancock Tower is located in Chicago
John Hancock Tower
Location within Chicago
John Hancock Tower is located in Illinois
John Hancock Tower
John Hancock Tower (Illinois)
John Hancock Tower is located in the US
John Hancock Tower
John Hancock Tower (the US)
General information
Status Complete
Architectural style Structural Expressionism
Location Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Address 875 North Michigan Avenue (additional entrances at 175 East Delaware Place and 170 East Chestnut Street)
Coordinates 41°53′56″N 87°37′23″W / 41.8988°N 87.6230°W / 41.8988; -87.6230Coordinates: 41°53′56″N 87°37′23″W / 41.8988°N 87.6230°W / 41.8988; -87.6230
Construction started 1965
Completed 1969
Cost $100,000,000
Owner The Hearn Company
Architectural 1,128 ft (343.7 m)[1]
Tip 1,500 ft (457 m)[1]
Roof 1,127 ft (344 m)
Top floor 1,054 ft (321 m)[1]
Observatory 1,030 ft (314 m)[1]
Technical details
Floor count 100[1]
Floor area 2,799,973 sq ft (260,126 m2)[1]
Lifts/elevators 50, made by Otis Elevator Company[1]
Design and construction
Architect Fazlur Rahman Khan
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
Developer John Hancock Insurance
Structural engineer Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM)
Main contractor Tishman Construction Co.

The John Hancock Tower, also called Hancock Place, The Hancock Tower, or The Hancock, is a 60-story, 790-foot (241 m) skyscraper in Boston. It was named for the John Hancock Insurance company. The tower was designed by Henry N. Cobb and was completed in 1976.[5] It has been the tallest building in Boston for more than 30 years. It is also the tallest building in New England.

Its street address is 200 Clarendon Street. At first, John Hancock Insurance primarily used the building, but after 2004, some offices moved to a new building.

Architecture[change | change source]

The John Hancock Tower was designed in 1972. It is a glass monolith. It was made in the minimalist and the modernist skyscraper design.

The largest panes of glass possible were used. There are no spandrel panels, and very few mullions. The floor plan has a parallelogram shape. The window glass is tinted slightly blue.


History[change | change source]

The tower has an observation deck that was a famous attraction. However, the observation deck was closed after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.[6]

In 2006, Broadway Partners bought Hancock Place for $1.3 billion. By 2009, they had defaulted on the loans they used to buy the building, and it was forclosed.[7] On March 30, 2009, Hancock Place was sold at auction for $660 million[8] to a consortium of "Normandy Real Estate Partners" and "Five Mile Capital Partners". In October 2010, Boston Properties bought the John Hancock Tower for $930 million.[9]

Aerial view of Back Bay, Boston including the Charles River, 111 Huntington Avenue, Prudential Tower, and John Hancock Tower

The Hancock Tower was built by "John Hancock Insurance".

Notes[change | change source]

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