Jonathan Ke Quan

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Jonathan Ke Quan (born August 20, 1971 as Ke Huy Quan) is a Vietnamese-American former child actor.

In the 1980s, he appeared in several movies. His best known roles were as Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) and Data in The Goonies (1985). He now works as a stunt coordinator on many movies, for example X-Men.

In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, he was an orphan in the streets of Shanghai when he becomes Indy's(Harrison Ford) friend. They end up in India where Indy, Short Round and night club singer Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw) fight Indians, save children, and participate in a mine car chase.

After their adventures in India, Short Round disappeared temporarily. He later grew up to become an archeologist. He went on an adventure in search of the Peacock Stone, the same diamond lost at the beginning of "Temple of Doom".