X-Men (movie)

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Directed by Bryan Singer
Produced by Ralph Winter
Avi Arad
Richard Donner
Tom DeSanto
Lauren Shuler Donner
Written by Comic Book:
Stan Lee
Jack Kirby
Tom DeSanto
Bryan Singer
David Hayter
Starring Patrick Stewart
Hugh Jackman
Ian McKellen
Halle Berry
Famke Janssen
James Marsden
Bruce Davison
Rebecca Romijn
Anna Paquin
Music by Michael Kamen
Cinematography Newton Thomas Sigel
Editing by Steven Rosenblum
Kevin Sitt
John Wright
Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox
Release date(s) July 14, 2000
Running time 104 min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget $75 million

X-Men is a 2000 superhero movie based upon the fictional characters the X-Men. The movie is about mutants who are the next evolutionary step of humanity. These mutants are feared and hated by most of humanity.

The movie was directed by Bryan Singer. It deals with the ideas of prejudice and discrimination in the United States. The screenplay was written by David Hayter. A sequel, X2, was released in 2003 and a third movie, X-Men: The Last Stand, was released in 2006.

Professor Charles Xavier (the world's most powerful telepath) takes gifted children and teaches them to control their powers for good. He does this at Xavier's Academy for Gifted Youngsters, his school for mutants. This school is the home to the X-Men. The story is about the X-Men trying to stop Erik Lehnsherr (also known as Magneto), a mutant who blames humanity for the death of his family during the Holocaust. Magneto does not believe that humans and mutants can live together in peace. He builds a machine that turns humans into mutants.

Crazy credits[change | change source]

  • When the 20th Century Fox logo disappears the "X" in "Fox" glows and remains on a black background than the other letters.

Cast[change | change source]

Actor Character
Hugh Jackman Logan / Wolverine
Patrick Stewart Professor Charles Xavier
Anna Paquin Marie D'Ancanto / Rogue
Ian McKellen Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto
Bruce Davison Senator Kelly
James Marsden Scott Summers / Cyclops
Famke Janssen Dr. Jean Grey
Halle Berry Ororo Munroe / Storm
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Mystique
Ray Park Toad
Tyler Mane Sabretooth
Shawn Ashmore Bobby Drake / Iceman

Filming[change | change source]

Filming took place from September 22, 1999 to March 3, 2000 in Toronto.[1] Wolverine's claws required a full silicone cast of Hugh Jackman's arm, and 700 versions for Jackman and his stunt doubles.[2]

Music[change | change source]

Bryan Singer asked John Williams to compose the music for the movie, but Williams was too busy composing for Saving Private Ryan.[3]

Reactions and box office[change | change source]

The movie was one of the biggest hits of 2000. It earned more than $296 million worldwide and was the 8th highest grossing movie in the United States that year.

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