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Original author(s)KDE, Reginald Stadlbauer
Developer(s)KDE, Thomas Zander (maintainer)[1]
Initial release23 October 2000; 23 years ago (2000-10-23)[2]
Final release
2.3.3[3][4] Edit this on Wikidata / 23 February 2011
Written inC++[5]
Operating systemUnix-like, Windows
PlatformQt, KDE Platform
Size72.2 MiB (compressed source code)[6]
Available in27 languages[7]
TypeOffice suite
LicenseGPL, LGPL
Websitekoffice.org (Redirects to calligra.org)[8]

KOffice was a free office suite for the K Desktop Environment (KDE). All its components have been released under free software/open source licenses. The last version of KOffice is 2.3.3, which was released on February 23, 2011.[9]

KOffice is primarily designed for Unix operating systems, but in the future there will likely be a Microsoft Windows and native Mac OS X version of all the applications.[10]

KOffice applications uses OpenDocument as their native file format when possible.

The suite is released separately from KDE and can be downloaded at the KOffice homepage.

KOffice components[change | change source]

KOffice includes the following components:

KWord A word processor with style sheets and frame-support for DTP-style editing of complex layouts.
KSpread A spreadsheet application with multiple sheet support, templates and more than 100 mathematical formulas.
KPresenter A presentation program with image and effect support.
Kivio A programmable flowchart drawing program with dynamically loadable stencils. Developed by theKompany, which offers additional (non-free) stencils for sale.
Karbon14 A vector drawing application with a variety of drawing and editing tools.
Krita (Formerly known as Krayon and KImageshop). A bitmap graphics manipulation program, primarily designed as a painting program, with some image processing features.
Kugar and KChart Integrated report and chart generators.
KFormula An integrated mathematical formula editor.
Kexi An integrated data management application, designed as a Microsoft Access or FileMaker competitor. It can be used for designing and implementing databases, inserting and processing data and performing queries. It has limited compatibility with the MS Access file format.
KPlato A project management application that can create Gantt-style charts.

KOffice includes import filters for some file formats provided by competitors.

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