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Microsoft Office
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Original author(s) Microsoft
Developer(s) Microsoft
Initial release 1983 (as Microsoft Office 8x)
Stable release 2013 (15.0.4675.1003)[1] / December 9, 2014; 11 months ago (2014-12-09)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in Over 35 languages
Type Office suite
License Proprietary

Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office System is a collection of computer programs made by Microsoft. The programs are created for all users. There are different versions of the software for home users and for business users. Some versions may offer more programs, and some versions cost less than others, but none are for free. The current version is Microsoft Office 2013 (Windows) and Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 (Mac).

Products[change | change source]

The versions available are made up of some or all or more of the following programs:

Microsoft Word[change | change source]

Microsoft Word is a word processor that lets users type text into the document and add images, clip art, diagrams and different font or design choices. The main file formats are .doc and .docx. it also helps to check the spelling and find the meaning of words

Microsoft Excel[change | change source]

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet and mathematics program that can make calculations and graphs based on data the user enters. The main file formats are .xls and .xlsx. Most computers at schools do not have Microsoft Office 2007/2010, so the file format .xlsx (which is the 2007/2010 format) will not work. Try to save it as a .xls file whenever possible. It is a list program and has been in Microsoft Office since 1998.

Microsoft PowerPoint[change | change source]

Microsoft PowerPoint is a program that creates presentations and slideshows. They can have text, drawing, pictures and media. They can also be set up to show on a projector.

Microsoft Outlook[change | change source]

Microsoft Outlook is an email client that can send and receive emails. The user can add a contact list, multiple calendars

Microsoft Access[change | change source]

Microsoft Access is a database program where people can store data over many tables.

Microsoft Publisher[change | change source]

Microsoft Publisher is a program that lets people make layouts for newsletters and presentations to print.

Microsoft InfoPath[change | change source]

Microsoft InfoPath is a program for designing, distributing, filling and submitting electronic forms containing structured data. Based on XML.

Microsoft Visio[change | change source]

Microsoft Visio is a shaping program not included in Microsoft Office Suites but can be bought in volume editions. Originally included in Microsoft Office.

Microsoft FrontPage[change | change source]

Microsoft FrontPage is a HTML WYSIWYG program included in the Office 2003 Suite. It has been replaced by Microsoft Expression Web in the Expression Series.

Other Products[change | change source]

  • Microsoft Lync
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Visact
  • Microsoft Office Document Imaging
  • Microsoft Office Document Scanning
  • Other products also included

Rivals[change | change source]

There are a lot of other programs which are competitors to Microsoft Office.

Office 365[change | change source]

Microsoft Office 365 is a new way of sharing Microsoft Office documents with people from your organisation or between your computers, syncing to the cloud. Actual versions include:

  • Personal
  • Home
  • Business Essentials
  • Enterprise E1
  • Business Premium
  • Entreprise E3
  • Enterprise E4

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