Kingdom of Holland

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Kingdom of Holland
Motto: Eendragt maakt magt  (Dutch)[b]
"Unity makes strength"
Location of Holland
StatusClient state of the French Empire
Common languagesDutch, French, Low German, Frisian
Protestantism, Catholicism
King of Holland 
• 1806–1810
Louis I
• 1810
Louis II
Historical eraNapoleonic era
• Kingdom proclaimed
5 June 1806
9 July 1810
CurrencyDutch guilder
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Batavian Republic
First French Empire
Today part of

The Kingdom of Holland was a country that existed from 1806 to 1810. It was in Central and North Netherlands and East Frisia in Germany. It was a puppet state created by France. The king of Holland was Louis Bonaparte.

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  1. In modern day Dutch this would be Koninkrijk Holland. Using the Siegenbeek spelling used at the time the official spelling was Koningrijk.
  2. Eendracht maakt macht in modern Dutch
  1. File:Design of the royal coat of arms of Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, by Alphonse Pierre Giraud, 1808.jpg Alphonse Pierre Giraud (Parijs 1786 - Amsterdam 2-jun-1863), Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, permalink.