Korean International School of Hong Kong

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The Korean International School of Hong Kong (KIS) was founded on March 1988. It is in Lei King Wan, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong, near Tai Koo Shing. Tai Koo Shing has many Koreans.

Structure[change | change source]

The school has an English section and a Korean section. The Korean Section uses Korean textbooks. The students there prepare to take the KSAT (Suneung) so they can go to Korean universities. The English section uses English textbooks and follows the Cambridge International Primary Programme.

KIS has many facilities, like a tennis court, swimming pool, soft-surface playing fields, and a gymnasium. Students use the facilities for physical education classes and activities outside of classes. Higher grade students take a school trip to England.

There are many special parties during the year. Usually there is one party per month. Some of these parties are Play Day in April, Sports Day in May, Spring Concert in June, Halloween in October, and Fun Tie and Hat Day.

The students are in four "house teams"- Cougars, Eagles, Lions and Pandas. Each house has their own chant and their own colour.

Investigation[change | change source]

In the past the school has had problems with bribery. A person in the cleaning company paid a bribe to a school officer. So the Independent Commission Against Corruption investigated the school and arrested one person.[1][2] Koreans in Hong Kong were disappointed. They said they lost confidence in the school's management.[3]

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