La Porte, Indiana

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La Porte is a city in the state of Indiana, in the United States.

Infamous resident[change | change source]

In April 1908, the home of resident Belle Gunness burned down. The investigation found that Belle Gunness was a killer who would seduce males so she could kill them for their money. It is unknown exactly how many murders she committed-anywhere to from over a dozen to a suspected 50. [1] There are two main beliefs of Belle Gunness fate; one is that she was killed in the fire caused by her accomplice Ray Lamphere [who died in prison of natural causes]; the other is that she tried to fake her own death [the remains of the woman found with Gunness children did not confirm to Gunness size and weight]. In April 1931 a woman called herself "Esther Carlson" was arrested in California on a charge of poisoning a man named August Lindstrom for his money; she died of natural causes before she could be tried or identified as Gunness..[1]

References[change | change source]

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