League of Lezhë

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League of Lezhë
Lidhja Shqiptare e Lezhës
StatusUnion of all Albanian Principalities[source?]
Common languagesAlbanian
Roman Catholic,
Eastern Orthodox
• 1444–1468
• 1468–1479
Lekë Dukagjini
LegislatureAssembly of Noblemen
Historical eraMiddle Ages
• Established
2 March 1444
• Disestablished
25 April 1479
• Total
73,000 km2 (28,000 sq mi)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Muzakaj Principality of Berat
Principality of Kastrioti
Principality of Dukagjini
Princedom of Albania
State of Arianiti
Ottoman Albania
Republic of Venice
Today part of Albania

The League of Lezhë (2 March 1444 – 25 April 1479) was a group of Albanian principalities. It was formed in Lezhë on 2 March 1444. It was the first time most of Albania was united.[1][2][3] It was started by Skanderbeg to fight the Ottoman Armies.

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