Lockheed T-33

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T-33 Shooting Star
A demonstration T-33 in flight, 2016
Role Training aircraft
Manufacturer Lockheed
Designer Clarence "Kelly" Johnson
First flight 22 March 1948
Retired 31 July 2017 (Bolivian Air Force)
Primary users United States Air Force
United States Navy
Japan Air Self Defense Force
German Air Force
Produced 1948–1959
Number built 6,557
Developed from Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star
Variants Lockheed T2V SeaStar
Canadair CT-133 Silver Star
Developed into Lockheed F-94 Starfire
Boeing Skyfox
Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star

The Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star is a US military jet aircraft. It was used as a training aircraft. It was designed and built by adding a second seat to the P-80 Shooting Star. It was used by many countries in the world and built under licence in Canada and Japan. The last one retired in 2017. More than a hundred are on display in museums around the world.