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Love Hina is a Japanese manga. It was created by Ken Akamatsu. It tells the story Keitarô Urashima. Urashima is a Japanese student who tried to enter the famous university of Tokyo (Todai or Tokyô Daigaku). Love Hina exists also as an animated series.

Story[change | change source]

Keitarô Urashima is a 19 year-old boy who tries to study at the well known university of Todai. He tried three times and failed. He finally decides to go to the hotel of his aunt, the Hinata Hotel. When he got to the hotel, he found that it has been changed into a girls' hotel. The first time he met the people living in the hotel, they were not very happy to see him. Slowly, they began to accept him, even if he is clumsy and a pervert.

Characters[change | change source]

  • Keitarô Urashima: Keitarô is a 19 year-old boy who tries to study at Todai. He failed three times. When he was younger, Keitarô and a young girl made a promise to enter Todai when they were older. Keitarô still remembers this but cannot remember who this young girl was or what her name was.
  • Naru Narusegawa: Naru is a 17 year-old girl. She was accepted to Todai. She is the best of her class. She has a bad temper and hits Keitarô when she is angry.
  • Mutsumi Otohime: Mutsumi is a nice 20 year-old girl. She is clumsy and forgets things.
  • Shinobu Maehara: Shinobu is a 14 year-old girl. She is very shy. She loves to clean and cook.
  • Motoko Aoyama: Motoko is a 15 year-old girl. She is violent. She sometimes hits Keitarô with her sword.