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The original white Macbook by Apple

A MacBook is a type of laptop computer made by Apple Inc. It runs macOS and comes with a built in webcam and microphone and a power adapter that is attached by magnets or USB-C. MacBooks are currently available housed in Silver, Space Gray, Gold and Rose Gold aluminium.

Many college students purchase MacBooks to help with their studies and to stay connected with their family and friends.

The first models were released in 2006. It now has the same "unibody" construction as the MacBook Pro's.

History[change | change source]

The aluminum unibody MacBook

The Macbook was introduced by Apple in May 2006. It replaced the iBook and 12 inch PowerBook series of notebooks because Apple was switching all of their CPUs to Intel from Power PC's.

Apple upgrades, or makes the MacBook better, about every six months to two years. This makes them faster and more reliable.

In October 2008, Apple decided to make a MacBook housed in aluminum. It was pretty much the same as the one housed in plastic except that it was a little better and that it was housed in metal. In June 2009, during WWDC (Apple's big yearly gathering), this laptop was renamed the MacBook Pro 13 inch.

The 12-inch (30 cm) MacBook in gold

In 2011, Apple stopped the production of MacBooks. However, in 2015 Apple released 12-inch MacBook, with a smaller 12 inches (30 cm) Retina display.

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