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Malay has several meanings:

People and language[change | change source]

  • Malays, ethnic group mainly live in Sumatra, Riau islands, Borneo, and Malacca peninsula
  • Malayali, ethnic group predominantly live in India
  • Malay language, the language of the Malays; spoken in Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia
  • Malayalam language, the language of the Malayali
  • Indonesian language, the official language form that used as the basis of Standard Malay language
  • Old Malay language, the ancestor of the Malay language
  • Malay race, an outdated proposed racial category corresponding to the linguistic group of Austronesian people

Geography[change | change source]

Politics and history[change | change source]

  • Malaysia, the modern country
  • Malay states, the nine states of Malaysia that have hereditary rulers
  • Malay Kingdom, a kingdom centered in Jambi (in the eastern hemisphere of Sumatra) that was part of the Srivijaya empire

Animals[change | change source]

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