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Manchukuo map.png

Manchukuo was a Japanese puppet state in Manchuria and eastern Inner Mongolia ruled by the former Emperor of China Henry Pu-yi. Despite Pu-yi being Emperor of Manchukuo, he was a figurehead ruler, with practically no power, put in place by the Japanese to justify Japan's taking of Chinese land, since the region is home to the former Qing emperor's ancestors. It was created by Japan in 1932 because Japan wanted to occupy Manchuria's rich natural resources but did not wish to declare war on China yet. Most nations in the world did not recognize Manchukuo as a country. Manchukuo made its own money and it was called the Manchukuo yuan. The capital of Manchukuo was Shinkyō (Japanese: 新京, English: "New Capital"), which is modern-day Changchun.

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