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A Mazda Rx-7 on display in the Mazda museum

Mazda Motor Corporation is a car manufacturer or maker based in Hiroshima, Japan. Mazda is 15th in industry of car in the world.[1] It established April 27th in 1979. The capital of Mazda is 480milion yen. Mazda has 20,473 employees (March in 2014). The sale is 2,057,614,000,000 yen. The description of business is design for cars, developments, produce and selling.

History[change | change source]

In 1920,Toyo Koruku Kogyo was established. Later,it changed mazda. The company invested rotary engine. Rotary engine has much power than ordinary engines. In 1991, Mazda 787B which had a rotary engine won the 24 Heures du Mans. But, Mazda's achievement suddenly fell because of ending of the bubble period. In 1996, Mazda came under the control of Ford Motor which was the most famous Motor company in the world, and tried to improve its achievement. Since 2000, Mazda grew its achievement because of sophisticated designs and unique management strategy. Especially, Mazda's products have been sold well in Europe North America. In 2007, business benefits recorded 158.5 billion. this was the highest sale. Now, the company plays an important role in medium, small car department of ford.

Brand[change | change source]

Mazda produces cars only in Japan. And, Mazda exports 80% of these. Mazda is only company that producing cars which have rotary engines. The cars are popular in Australia and Europe, especially Germany and U.K. Nowadays, Mazda's slogan is ZOOM-ZOOM. It is famous for the movie Only Strong. It is used various country's Motor show and Commercial. ZOOM-ZOOM comes from English-speaking children calling cars ZOOM-ZOOM. [2]

Name[change | change source]

Mazda's company name is derived from Matsuda Jujirou who was the founder of this company and Ahura Mazda that is the God of the Zoroastrianism. Ahura Mazda is a symbol of wisdom, reason, and harmony.

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