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Meresankh I

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Meresankh I
Queen of Egypt
SpousePharaoh Huni
IssuePharaoh Sneferu
Full name
Meresankh I of Egypt
ReligionAncient Egyptian religion

Meresankh I was Ancient Egyptian queen of the 3rd dynasty of Egypt. She was a lesser ranked wife of Pharaoh Huni, mother of Pharaoh Sneferu, grandmother of Pharaoh Khufu. One of her great-granddaughters was named Meresankh II.

Name of Meresankh appears on a fragment of the Palermo Stone. She is also mentioned at Meidum.

Title of Meresankh was King's Wife.

Queens' name means "She Loves Life". Here is a name of this queen written in hieroglyphs: