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Multiroom, also known as "multi bang" in Korea,[1] is a place that people go to do various activities such as, singing, watching movies, playing Nintendo or Wii games, and etc. It is called multiroom because you can rent a small room with many electronic devices by the hour. The price of a multiroom is usually between 10,000-15,000 won per hour. The room usually comes with unlimited snack and beverage refills. The snacks include pretzels, toast, ice cream, cereal and the beverages include coffee, soda, tea, and etc. Customers are allowed to bring the snacks into their cozy, small rooms and enjoy while singing or gaming. It is a trend in Korea for teenagers to go to multibangs or multirooms. This is because of the reasonable prices and it comes with many activities. Compared to going to noraebang, theaters or game rooms individually, a multiroom is much cheaper and more reasonable. So for broke teenagers, it is a very attractive place to hang out. Multirooms are also an attractive place for adults to spend their time.

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