New Sweden

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New Sweden
Nya Sverige
Swedish colony



Flag of Sweden

Map of New Sweden ca. 1650
by Amandus Johnson
Capital Fort Christina
Language(s) Swedish, Finnish
Political structure Colony
King/Queen of Sweden
 - 1632–1654 Christina
 - 1654–1660 Charles X Gustav
 - 1638 Peter Minuit
 - 1638–1640 Måns Nilsson Kling
 - 1640–1643 Peter Hollander Ridder
 - 1643–1653 Johan Björnsson Printz
 - 1653–1654 Johan Papegoja
 - 1654–1655 Johan Risingh
Historical era Colonial period
 - Established 1638
 - Dutch conquest 1655
 - Peach Tree War 1655
Currency Swedish riksdaler
Today part of  United States

New Sweden (Swedish: Nya Sverige, Finnish: Uusi-Ruotsi) was a Swedish colony in North America that existed from 1638 through 1655.[1] It was in the modern day states of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Its capital was Fort Christina, modern-day Wilmington.

New Sweden was captured by the Dutch in 1655, and incorporated into New Netherland.

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