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Nick Jr.
SloganThe Smart Place to Play
OwnerViacom International (1999-2005)
Viacom (2005-2019)
ViacomCBS (2019-present)

Nick Jr. is a children's television channel. It was launched on 1988 in the United States.

International versions[change | change source]

United States[change | change source]

Launched on January 4, 1988.[1] The US version did not had the similar graphs, promos or design as the UK, Italy or Australia except the logo. The mascots were Moose A. Moose and Zee from April 7, 2003 until February 29, 2012. Currently it airs some early and late Nick Jr. shows. The new logo is a lot different then the block's logo.

United Kingdom[change | change source]

Launched on September 1, 1999 as the first Nick Jr. channel. Until 2005 it aired from 6:00a.m. to 8:00p.m. Then in 2005 a classic children's programming block called Nick Jr. Classics was launched, airing was also increased to 10:00p.m. After Nick Jr. Classics was dropped, it began airing for 24 hours.

There is a similar service titled Nick Jr. Too. It launched in April 2006 as Nick Jr. 2, but the name was changed in November 2014.[source?]

Australia[change | change source]

Launched on March 2004.[2] The Australian version includes some PBS Kids series like WordWorld, Sid the Science Kid, or Martha Speaks, and original programming like Ollie.

France[change | change source]

Similar to the US version. Launched on January 26, 2010.[3] Name stylized as Nickelodeon Junior.

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