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PBS Kids is the educational children's programming brand of the Public Broadcasting Service. It started in 1994. Its programming is non-commercial, like all PBS programming. PBS Kids programs are mostly shown in the daytime. These programs are meant for children ages 2-8 (with some exceptions, Barney and Friends is 2-7, Sesame Street is 2-7, Arthur is 4-9, etc.). PBS Kids's programs use science, math and reading. Some of them also include social studies. All of the programs give a problem that the children have to solve. An example of these problems would be what to do when two children want to play with the same thing but fight (teaching the importance of sharing).

Programming[change | change source]

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Home media[change | change source]

Title Episodes
15 Motor v.s Skates (December 13 2022) Arthur: Mutiny on the Pitch & Invasion of the Soccer Fans, Dinosaur Train:Motorbikes/Roller Skates, Elinor Wonders Why: Speed Racer & Look What I Can Do, Hero Elementary: Speed Racer, Donkey Hodie: Motor Hodie, Molly of Denali:A Fireweed Feast/River Skate, Alma's Way: Alma's Repair Rescue, Pinkalicious & Peterrific: Jumping For Joy, Wild Kratts: Roadrunner & City Hoppers, & Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum: I am Motorskates
15 Frozen Tales Arthur: Return of the Snowball & D.W. on Ice, Caillou: Caillou Goes Ice Skating, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: A Snowy Day & Daniel's Winter Adventure, Dinosaur Train: Festival of Lights, Let's Go Luna: Glacier or Bust & You Froze my Shorts, Molly of Denali: The Worm Turns & Little Dog Lost, Pinkalicious & Peterrific: Pinkalicious on Ice & Snow Fairy, Wild Kratts: Under Frozen Pond & Musk Ox Mania, & WordWorld: Think in the Rink
Happy Birthday Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Daniel's Birthday, Caillou: A Surprise for Ms. Martin, WordWorld: Happy Birthday Dog, Peg + Cat: The Birthday Cake Problem, Super Why!: The Cookbook, Dinosaur Train: Surprise Party, Arthur: Surprise, Odd Squad: O is not for Old, Wild Kratts: Quillber's Birthday Present, & WordGirl: Birthday Town
Be My Valentine Caillou: Mystery Valentine & Caillou's Valentine, WordGirl: Cherish is the Word, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: It's Love Day, WordWorld: Shuffleword, Super Why: Cinderella, Peg + Cat: The Romeo & Juliet Problem, & Dinosaur Train: Erma & The Conductor
15 Girl Power Adventures Arthur: Muffy's New Best Friend & The Princess Problem, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Daniel and Margaret Visit the Farm & Katerina's Magic Trick, Elinor Wonders Why: No Need to Shout & These Sneezes, Hero Elementary: The Blob, Let's Go Luna!: Aren't We a Pair, Molly of Denali: Stand Back Up & Seal Meal, Peg + Cat: The Pentagirls Problem, Pinkalicious & Peterrific: Paintbrush Boy and Pencil Girl, & Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum: I Am Susan B. Anthony & I Am Abigail Adams

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