Oresund Bridge

Coordinates: 55°34′N 12°51′E / 55.57°N 12.85°E / 55.57; 12.85
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Øresund Bridge
Öresund Bridge
Coordinates55°34′35″N 12°49′18″E / 55.57644°N 12.82164°E / 55.57644; 12.82164
CarriesFour lanes of European route E20
Double track Oresund Railway Line
CrossesOresund strait (The Sound)
LocaleCopenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden
Official nameØresundsbroen, Öresundsbron
DesignCable-stayed bridge
Total length7,845 metres (25,738 ft)
Width23.5 metres (77.1 ft)
Longest span490 metres (1,608 ft)
Clearance below57 metres (187 ft)
DesignerGeorg Rotne
Engineering design byOve Arup & Partners
Gimsing & Madsen
Constructed by Spain Dragados Offshore
OpenedJuly 1, 2000
Daily trafficca. 17,000 road vehicles

The Øresund Bridge (Danish: Øresundsbroen, Swedish: Öresundsbron, joint hybrid name: Øresundsbron) is a bridge and tunnel across the Øresund strait. It connects Denmark and Sweden.[1]

History[change | change source]

The construction of the Øresund Bridge began in 1995. When it was finished in 1999, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden met in the middle.[2]

The official opening was on 1 July 2000. Queen Margrethe II and King Carl XVI Gustaf led the ceremonies together.[3]

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55°34′N 12°51′E / 55.57°N 12.85°E / 55.57; 12.85