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Phoenix (pronounce: "FEE-niks") most often refers to:

Phoenix may also refer to:

Arts, literature, entertainment[change | change source]

Comics[change | change source]

  • Phoenix (comics), a fictional cosmic entity in the Marvel Comics universe, and the associated characters:
    • "Phoenix", alias of Marvel Comics character Jean Grey
    • "Phoenix", alias of Marvel Comics character Rachel Grey
  • Phoenix (manga), a manga by Osamu Tezuka (original Japanese title: Hi no Tori)
  • Phoenix Ikki, a character from the manga Saint Seiya

Movies[change | change source]

Television[change | change source]

Literature[change | change source]

Magazines and journals[change | change source]

Newspapers[change | change source]

  • The Phoenix (newspaper), a collective name of alternative weekly newspapers in Boston, Massachusetts; Providence, Rhode Island; and Portland, Maine
  • Loyola Phoenix, a newspaper of Loyola University Chicago
  • The Phoenix, a student newspaper of Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
  • The Phoenix, a student conservative journal of Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana

Music[change | change source]

Sports[change | change source]

Video and arcade games[change | change source]

Astronomy and space exploration[change | change source]

Biology[change | change source]

Companies[change | change source]

Computing[change | change source]

Maritime (civil) ships and boats[change | change source]

  • Phoenix (boat), steamship built 1806-07, the first steamboat to sail the open ocean
  • Phoenix (ship) or Phenix, a whaling vessel based in Nantucket (1821-1858), discoverer of Winslow Reef
  • Phoenix (of London), nineteenth century whaling vessel based in London and active in the Pacific in the 1820s, discoverer of Phoenix Island (Rawaki)
  • USS Phoenix (1861) whaler of New London, sunk in the Stone Fleet, 1861
  • Phoenix of New Bedford, whaler
  • Phoenix (Moore), Captain Hugh Moore. British East India ship, wintered in the Columbia River in 1794
  • Phoenix (Alaska) the first ship built in the Russian colony of Alaska (1794-1799)
  • Sao Jao y Fenix, also known as Fenis and St. Joseph, a 50-foot open boat involved in the Vancouver Expedition
  • Phoenix (tall ship), of Dell Quay

Military, naval and air forces[change | change source]

Ships[change | change source]

  • HMS Phoenix, the name of fifteen ships in the Royal Navy
  • USS Phoenix, the name of several ships in United States Navy

Others[change | change source]

Mythology[change | change source]

People[change | change source]

Places[change | change source]

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