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Political parties in Scotland

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Most political parties in Scotland can be put into two groups: Unionists and Nationalists. Nationalists want Scotland to become an independent country and to stop being part of the United Kingdom whereas Unionists want Scotland to stay in the United Kingdom.

Parties currently represented[change | change source]

The following parties are parties represented at either the British House of Commons and/or the Scottish Parliament.

Party UK House of Commons members out of 59 Scottish Parliament members out of 129 Notes
Scottish National Party (SNP) 45 64 A centre-left party which promotes social democracy and Scottish independence.
Scottish Conservative Party 6 31 A centre-right party which promotes conservatism and strong British unionism.
Scottish Labour Party 1 22 A centre-left party which promotes social democracy, democratic socialism and Scottish unionism.
Scottish Liberal Democrats 4 4 A centrist party which promotes liberalism, federalism and British unionism.
Scottish Green Party 0 7 A left-wing party which promotes green politics and Scottish independence.

Parties formerly represented in the Scottish Parliament[change | change source]

  • Solidarity (dissolved in 2021) - 2 Scottish Socialist MSPs changed parties in 2006 when this party was formed and lost their seats in 2007

Minor parties in Scotland[change | change source]

  • Alba Party - A Scottish nationalist party that supports Scottish independence.
  • British National Party (BNP) - A far-right UK-wide party which promotes fascism, anti-immigration, right-wing populism, Euroscepticism and Third position economics with many combinations.