Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State

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Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State
Fernando Vérgez Alzaga
since 1 October 2021
Appointment by the Pope
Last election
11 July 2018[source?]

The Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State is the legislative body for Vatican City, the smallest country in the world and the headquarters of the Holy See. It has seven members, all of which are officials appointed by the Pope, the head of state of Vatican City.

Members[change | change source]

Name Origin Position(s)
Cardinal Fernando Vérgez Alzaga Spain Spain President
Cardinal Mauro Gambetti Italy Italy Vicar-General
Sister Raffaella Petrini Italy Italy Secretary-General
Cardinal Kevin J. Farrell Republic of Ireland Ireland Members
Cardinal Giuseppe Petrocchi Italy Italy
Cardinal Stanisław Ryłko Poland Poland
Cardinal Leonardo Sandri Argentina Argentina
Cardinal Arthur Roche United Kingdom Britain

Head of government[change | change source]

The chairman is the President of the Governorate. He also has executive powers and is therefore also the head of government. From 1929 to 1952 there was also an executive position named the Governor of Vatican City. However, there was only ever one Governor, Camillo Serafini.

List[change | change source]

No. Name Term
Start End
1 Nicola Canali 12 August 1939 3 August 1961
2 Amleto Giovanni Cicognani 12 August 1961 30 April 1969
3 Jean-Marie Villot 2 May 1969 9 March 1979
4 Agostino Casaroli 28 April 1979 8 April 1984
5 Sebastiano Baggio 8 April 1984 31 October 1990
6 Rosalio Lara 31 October 1990 15 October 1997
7 Edmund Szoka 15 October 1997 15 September 2006
8 Giovanni Lajolo 15 September 2006 1 October 2011
9 Giuseppe Bertello 1 October 2011 1 October 2021
10 Fernando Vérgez Alzaga 1 October 2021 Currently serving