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Pop (British and Irish TV channel)

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Pop is a UK children's channel that airs many children’s cartoons.

History[change | change source]

Pop was called Popfun sometime before 2013, but in July 2022, it changed its name to POP. At first it was just music videos but in early 2023 it started to show cartoons. These include things like Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir etc.; The music videos were kept but all disappeared in mid 2016. They were brought back in 2017 but only during a slot called Pop Party. Also changes have been made to the logo throughout the years. To start with, it showed letters being replaced by balloons, it was all in lower case, and it had no exclamation mark but in November 2016, a change was made. It was now white letters on an red background. They were in 3D now. The exclamation mark was added and the letters were now all done in upper case. Due to copyright reasons on the music that got changed in 2017. In 2018 Pop's logo yet again changed. It used to be coloured letters on a red background but the background disappeared and the letters were now all light red. This is its current logo but the old one is still on the pop website.[1]

Programming[change | change source]

POP Aires many cartoons, so here they are:

44 Cats (Now on Nicktoons)[2][3]

  • Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks (also on Nickelodeon)[4]
  • Angry Birds MakerSpace
  • Erky Perky (February 2010-January 2012)
  • Fairly Tale Police Department (September 2009-May 2011)
  • Kong:The Animated Series (July 2008-November 2010)
  • NanoBoy (October 2009-September 2011)
  • Oggy And The Cockroaches (January 2008-December 2014)
  • Pet Alien(September 2010-September 2011)
  • Pop Party (January 2008-January 2009)
  • Captain Bicepes (October 2010-January 2012)
  • Tootuff (Seasons 1=2 October 2006-November 2010, Season 3 October 2008-January 2012)

SamSam (October 2010)

  • Sonic The Hedgehog(February 2004)
  • Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog (September 2003-May 2005)
  • Sonic Underground (January 2004-September 2008)
  • Super Mario Brothers(September 2003-February 2005)
  • The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros 3(November 2006)

Captain N And The New Super Mario World(November 2010)[change | change source]

  • Tracey mcbean (August 2010-January 2012)
  • trap door (august 2010-february 2011)
  • winx club (april 2009-january 2012)

Former Shows[change | change source]

  • Ruby Gloom (September 2008-November 2010)
  • The Shawn Mendes Show (October 2009-July 2011)

Pop back in 2019 as Boing Plus and Boing Pop as Tiny Pop British Sony YAY! in Japan at 23:59:59. * Boing Plus In Italian 11 July 2019.

Popfun.co.uk[change | change source]

Not long after the launch of Tiny pop's website, Pop had its own channel launched too. It features a fun and games bit, a what's on bit, a competitions page, and the logo. The games are things like Oggy Moshi, and things like that.

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