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Winx Club
GenreFantasy, action, adventure, magical girl, drama
Created byIginio Straffi
Directed byIginio Straffi
Composer(s)Michele Bettali
Stefano Carrara
Fabrizio Castania
Maurizio D'Aniello
Country of originItaly
Original language(s)Italian
No. of seasons8
No. of episodes208 (26 per season) (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Joanne Lee
Kay Wilson Stallings
Running time19-23 minutes
Original networkRai 2 (Italy)
Nickelodeon (international)
Picture format480i:SDTV (Season 1–4)
1080i:HDTV (Season 5–present)
Audio formatStereo (Season 1–4)
Dolby Surround 5.1 (Season 5–present)
Original releaseJanuary 28, 2004 – present
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Winx Club is an Italian animated television series[1] starring seven fictional fairies, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla, and Roxy. Through the eight seasons of the series, the girls have to fight lots of different enemies, such as witches and fairy hunters. Together with their school's principal, Miss Faragonda, they learn to tap into their magical abilities and defeat their enemies.

Plot[change | change source]

Season one[change | change source]

In the beginning of the season, Bloom, a normal girl from Earth, lives a normal life with her parents and pet bunny, Kiko. But one day she walks in on a fight between an ogre and a fairy. After she helps the fairy defeat the ogre, the fairy tells Bloom that her name is Stella. Bloom goes with Stella to the Alfea college for fairies in the enchanted realm of Magix. There, she meets three other fairies, Flora, Musa, and Tecna. The five girls form the Winx Club. Early in the season, they also meet four guys from another school, Redfountain. These guys, called Specialists, are named Sky, Brandon, Riven, and Timmy. They also meet their enemies of the season, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy, three witches who call themselves the Trix. The Trix go to a school for witches called Cloudtower. Late in the season, the Trix steal Bloom's power, the Dragon's Flame, and use it to summon the Army of Darkness. By the end of the season, Bloom gets her powers back and the Winx girls defeat the Trix, saving Magix.

Season two[change | change source]

In this season, the Winx Club fairies go back to Alfea college for their second year. A new fairy named Layla joins the team after escaping from Lord Darkar, the enemy of the season. Lord Darkar wants to find the four pieces of something called the Codex. The Codex can open the realm of Realix, where a large amount of power can be found. The Trix, now expelled from Cloudtower and stuck in the Fortress of Light, team up with Darkar. During the season, the Winx girls and Specialists try and fail to protect the four pieces of the Codex. Late in the season, Bloom gets turned evil by Darkar and exposes Alfea's piece of the Codex. During the season, the Winx also earn something called the Charmix, small pins and bags that increase a fairy's power greatly. In the final episode, the Winx and Specialists defeat Darkar and save Magix once again. New to the season are pixies, very small creatures that often bond with fairies. Helia also joins the Specialists and becomes Flora's boyfriend. By the end of the season, Bloom is Sky's girlfriend, Stella is Brandon's, and Tecna is Timmy's. Musa and Riven have also gotten closer.

Season three[change | change source]

The Winx return to Alfea for their third year of school, where they find out they must earn their Enchantix this year. The Trix are sent to the Omega Dimension for teaming up with Lord Darkar, but they escape with the help of Valtor. Valtor is a sorcerer who destroyed Bloom's planet, Domino, and got sent to the Omega Dimension for his crimes. Through the season, the Winx girls earn their Enchantix one by one, and Valtor grows more powerful as he steals spells from planets. Late in the season, Valtor releases the Spell of the Elements and almost destroys Magix and the three schools. Bloom manages to defeat Valtor from within, saving the universe.Icy do seem to have a crush on Valtor but she remains to keep that secret.

Season four[change | change source]

After they graduate, the Winx return to Alfea as teachers of a class called "Winxology." However, four men, Ogron, Anagan, Gantlos, and Duman, called the Wizards of the Black Circle show up and try to kidnap Bloom, thinking she is the last Earth fairy. They fail because, since Bloom is really from Domino, there is one last fairy on Earth. The Winx decide to go to Earth to find and protect the last fairy. Soon after they get to Earth, they open a fairy pet shop called Love&Pet, where they sell small magical pets with wings. Flora made the pets from stuffed animals. The Winx find the last fairy, Roxy, then earn their Believix after Roxy believed in fairies. Through the first half of the season, the Winx and Roxy battle against the Wizards. In episode 12, Roxy transforms into her fairy form after Gantlos insults her dog, Artu. In episode 13, so many humans begin believing in magic that the Winx become much more powerful and the Wizards are greatly weakened. In the second half of the season, the Winx go to an island called Tir Nan Og and release the Earth fairies trapped there. Once free, the Earth fairies turn on the humans and Wizards, wanting revenge. Through the second half of the season, the Winx have to face several major Earth fairies. Late in the season, they earn their Sophix and Lovix, two power-ups to Believix. In the final episode, the Winx, Roxy, and the Earth fairies join forces to defeat the Wizards, freezing them in a block of ice in the Omega Dimension. Near the end of the season, Roxy learns that Morgana, Queeen of the Earth fairies, is her mother.

Season five[change | change source]

Season six[change | change source]

Season seven[change | change source]

Season eight[change | change source]

Characters[change | change source]

Bloom is the red-headed princess of Domino. She has the power of the dragon fire. She is the leader of the Winx Club and also the most powerful of them. Her boyfriend is Sky, prince of Eraklyon. Bloom is the last to get her Enchantix. Her pixie is Lockett, the Pixie of Mazes and Portals. Her normal outfit is a blue and white short sweater with 3pink hearts on it. A blue short skirt with blue and white striped socks with blue sandles. Her Winx outfit is 2 piece sparkly blue with a gold orb on the chest. Her enchantix is a crinkled short sparkly blue dress with sparkly light blue wings.

Stella is the blonde-haired crown princess of Solaria and the fairy of the Sun and the Moon. Her power is the Sun and she is the oldest of the Winx Club. She met Bloom when she was fighting a troll on Earth. Her boyfriend is Brandon and her pixie is Amore, the Pixie of Love. Stella knows fashion really well and she is the fasion adviser of the winx. Her birthday is on 18th August. She wears blue and pink stripped frock with a pink headband and star earings. Her winx outfit is orange top and shorts with high boots. She is one of the most powerful of the Winx.

Flora is the fairy of nature. Her powers come from the plants, and she likes studying plants and flowers. Her planet is Linphea. She was born the 1st march and her fairy sign is Driade. Her boyfriend is Helia and her pixie is Chatta. Her best friends are Bloom and Stella. She´s the most intelligent winx and she´s very pretty. She has got long, brown hair and green eyes. She wears a light green t-shirt, a pink skirt with strawberries, yellow bracelets and earrings, and pink shoes. Her transformation dress is pink with glitters, and includes a green necklace with a pink flower in the middle. Her wings are green.

Aisha is the second oldest of the club. She can change water to any form she chooses called Morphix. She is the princess of Andros. She is an enriched tomboy who loves to dance and skate. She arrives in the Winx Club in season 2. Her pixie is Piff, the pixie of sweet dreams. Her normal outfit is a pink t-shirt and a navy green skirt with pink boot warmers and green boots. Her Winx outfit is sparkly dark and light green. Her enchantix has big jewerly sparkly like wings with a beaded wavy top and bottom.

Daphne is the newest character for Winx Club. She is the older sister of Bloom. She is crown princess of Domino and nymph of Domino. Her love interest (in season 6) is Thoren. Her fairy sign is also the dragon (considering she is also the fairy of dragon flame). Her civilian outfit is some pair of styled legging and an short dress with a belt on top. Her hair is an light blond gold unlike Stella's hair. Her fairy form is an sparkly light sea-green and medium blue. Her nymph form is an golden gown over flowing (she looks much taller in her nymph form) and an golden mask. Before season 5 episode 26, Daphne was a disembodied spirit caused by the three ancestral witches, but thanks to Bloom's sirenix wish (on season 5 episode 26) the curse of sirenix has been lifted.

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