President of Turkmenistan

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President of Turkmenistan
Türkmenistanyň prezidenti
Coat of Arms of Turkmenistan
Standard of the President of Turkmenistan
Serdar Berdimuhamedow

since 19 March 2022
StyleHis Excellency (international correspondence)
Mr. President (informally)
Distinguished Supreme Commander-in-Chief (military)
Arkadag (for President Berdimuhamedow only)
Member ofCabinet of Ministers
State Security Council
ResidenceOguzkhan Presidential Palace
AppointerDirect popular vote
Term length7 years, renewable
Inaugural holderSaparmurat Niyazov
Formation2 November 1990 (Turkmen SSR)
27 October 1991 (Turkmenistan)
SuccessionChairman of the Assembly of Turkmenistan
DeputyVice President of Turkmenistan
Salary10,800 USD[1]

President of Turkmenistan (Turkmen:Türkmenistanyň prezidenti) is the head of state, head of government and the chief executive of Turkmenistan

Serdar Berdimuhamedow is the current President of Turkmenistan, only the third in the history of the country since it gained independence with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The President is also the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan and the Chairman of the country's Cabinet of Ministers.

Term limits[change | change source]

The country passed reforms in 2016 eliminating term limits for the presidency and removing the age requirement of below 70, as well as extending the term from five to seven years.[2]

Requirements for presidents and removal from office[change | change source]

Requirements for candidates for President of Turkmenistan include the following:[3]

  • Must have been born in Turkmenistan
  • Must be fluent in the Turkmen language
  • Must be at least 40 years old
  • Must have resided in Turkmenistan for the past 15 consecutive years
  • Must be employed

List of presidents[change | change source]

No. Name
(birth and death)
Portrait Took office Left office Years and Days in office Election Political party
1 Saparmurat Niyazov
2 November 1990 21 December 2006
(Died in office)
16 years, 49 days 1990 Communist
1992 Democratic
Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow
21 December 2006 14 February 2007 55 days _ Democratic
2 14 February 2007 19 March 2022 15 years, 33 days 2007
2017 Independent
3 Serdar Berdimuhamedow
19 March 2022 1 year, 254 days 2022 Democratic

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