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President of Uganda

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President of the
Republic of Uganda
Presidential Standard
Yoweri Museveni

since 29 January 1986
Term length5 years
Inaugural holderFrederick Edward Mutesa II
Formation9 October 1963
DeputyVice President of Uganda

The President of the Republic of Uganda is the head of state and head of government of Uganda. The president leads the executive branch of the Government of Uganda and is the commander-in-chief of the Uganda People's Defence Force.

In 2005 presidential term limits were removed, and in 2017 the removal of the previous upper age limit of 75 was also announced.[1]

List of presidents of Uganda[change | change source]

Portrait Name Term of office Party Notes
Frederick Edward Mutesa II 9 October 1963 2 March 1966 Kabaka Yekka Deposed in the Battle of Mengo Hill, fleded in United Kingdom in 1966 and deceased in 1969
Milton Obote 2 March 1966 25 January 1971 Uganda People's Congress Deposed in a coup d'état, fleded in Tanzania in 1971 and return in Uganda in 1979
Idi Amin 25 January 1971 11 April 1979 Military Deposed in the Uganda–Tanzania War, fleded in Saudi Arabia in 1979 and deceased in 2003
Yusuf Lule 13 April 1979 20 June 1979 Independent (UNLF) Removed from office in 1979, deceased in 1985
Godfrey Binaisa 20 June 1979 12 May 1980 Uganda People's Congress (UNFL) Removed from office in 1980, deceased in 2010
Paulo Muwanga 12 May 1980 22 May 1980 Uganda People's Congress (UNFL) Stepped down in 1980 and replaced by the Presidential Commission
Presidential Commission (Saulo Musoke, Polycarp Nyamuchoncho, Joel Wacha-Olwol) 22 May 1980 15 December 1980 Independent Dissolved after the 1980 General election
Milton Obote 17 December 1980 27 July 1985 Uganda People's Congress Deposed in a coup d'état, fleded in Tanzania and Zambia and deceased in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2005
Bazilio Olara-Okello 27 July 1985 29 July 1985 Military Stepped down in 1985
Tito Okello 29 July 1985 26 January 1986 Military Deposed in the Ugandan Bush War in 1986
Yoweri Museveni 26 January 1986 Present National Resistance Movement

References[change | change source]

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