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Coordinates: 52°34′N 13°20′E / 52.567°N 13.333°E / 52.567; 13.333
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The location of Reinickendorf in Berlin.
Coat of arms

Reinickendorf is a borough of Berlin. It has an area of 89.50 km2 (34.6 sq mi) and has, as of December 31 2003, 246,577 inhabitants.

Reinickendorf was created in 1920 by the Greater Berlin Act, and was not changed in the borough reforms of 2001.

Its current mayor is Marlies Wanjura (CDU).

Parts of town

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Reinickendorf is split in ten parts:


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The last elections for the BVV (elections for the representatives in the boroughs parliament) were in October 2001.


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52°34′N 13°20′E / 52.567°N 13.333°E / 52.567; 13.333