Sarah Yorke Jackson

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Sarah Yorke Jackson (July 1805? – August 23, 1887) was the daughter in law of US President Andrew Jackson and Rachel Donelson Jackson. She acted as the First Lady of the United States from November 26, 1834, to March 4, 1837.

Sarah Yorke was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents were very rich. The exact date of her birth is not known. But, it was in July 1805. Her father’s name was Peter Yorke. Her father had worked as a sea captain, and then became a merchant. Her mother’s name was Mary Haines York. Her father died in 1805. While going to New Orleans, her mother died in 1820. Sarah had two other sisters. Her two aunts raised all the three children.

On November 24, 1831, Sarah married Andrew Jackson, Jr. He was the adopted son of president Andrew Jackson. The couple lived in the family plantation farm in Tennessee. There in 1834, a fire destroyed the main house. They came to Washington, and started living in the White House. By that time, they had become parents of two children.

The couple and their children reached the White House on November 26, 1834. She immediately started to act as the First Lady. At the same time, the President’s niece Emily Donelson was also acting as the First Lady. This is the single example of two ladies acting as the First Lady in the history of the United States. In 1836, Emily died of tuberculosis. After that, Sarah continued to act as the First Lady.

President Jackson’s term as president expired in 1837. Until then Sarah remained in the White House and continued to act as the First lady. By that time, a new house was constructed at Tennessee. The couple and the former president lived there for about eight years. In 1845, Andrew Jackson died. She continued to live there with her husband. When the American Civil War broke out, the couple moved to Mississippi. She died on August 23, 1887.