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Scream 4 is a 2011 American horror movie. The stars of the movie are David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere. It follows on from Scream 3 and is the fourth in the Scream franchise. Scream 4 was directed by Wes Craven. It was released in April 2011.

Plot[change | change source]

Sidney Prescott return to Woodsboro. It is the 15th anniversary of the Woodsboro Massacre. Sheriff Dewey and journalist Gale are also in this town. Sidney, Dewey and Gale were the Survivor of the Woodsboro Massacre. Sidney stays by her aunt Kate Roberts and her cousin Jill. After their arrival it begins the first murders. Sidney have to stay in this town, because one of the victim her mobile phone was to found in Sidneys trunk.

At the Night it will to murdered Oliva Morris. The neighbor of the Roberts. Sydneys press spokeswoman is then murdered.

Gale wants to find the killer, but her Husband Dewey doesn't want her assistance. She joins with the students Robbie Mercer and Charlie Walker. The students are filmfreaks.

Jill got house arrest and she doesn't go to the Stab movie marathon. Ghostface looking at the party for new victim. Gale is attacked by the killer, but she survived.

After the party, begins an after-party at Kirbys house. Sidney is attacked by Ghostface. She finds out that Jill has gone to Kirby. Sidney drives to Kirbys house. In Kirbys house are Jill, Kirby, Robbie, Charlie and Jills ex-boyfriend Trevor, but Trevor doesn't to invited. Robbie is attacked by Ghostface and they will attacked and flee to the basement. Charlie is on the garden and he wants into Kirby's House. They don't want him to allow into the house. Ghostface attacked him and he is tied to a chair. The killer calls to Kirby and she have to answer the question of Horrorfilms. She believes, that he wins this game. She opens the door. Charlie stabs Kirby. He is the killer! He is not the only killer. Jill and Charlie are the killer. They take Sidney into captivity. Charlie and Jill wanted to adjust the Woodsboro murders. They wanted to do trevor to responsible. Jill stabs Trevor and Charlie. She stabs also Sidney and she thinks, that he is dead. She is found as the only survivor of the Woodsboro Massacre.

Jill wakes up in the hospital and she finds out, that Sidney has survived. She have to kill Sidney, but Gale and Sidney can save themselves and Sidney kills Jill with a defibrillator.

Background[change | change source]

  • Kevin Williamson wrote the movie. He wrote also Scream and Scream 2.
  • It was unclear whether Neve Campbell plays in this sequel.

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