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Map of the Province of Imperia, with Seborga marked in red

Seborga is a small village in Italy, located near the border with France. It is a commune within the Province of Imperia. Seborga's main economic activities are agriculture and tourism. Seborga has an annual festival dedicated to Saint Bernard, the town's patron saint. It has a population of around 300.

Principality of Seborga[change | change source]

Flag of the Principality of Seborga

In the early 1960s, Giorgio Carbona claimed that Seborga was historically a principality and was not formally included in the 1861 Italian unification. As such, he claimed that the town and its surrounding territory was an independent country from Italy. He was elected as the Prince of Seborga.

There has been no formal recognition of Giorgio Carbone's claims and no country currently recognises Seborga, making it a micronation.