Secretary of State of Kansas

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Secretary of State of
the State of Kansas
Scott Schwab headshot (cropped).jpg
Scott Schwab

since January 14, 2019
Inaugural holderJohn Winter Robinson
FormationFebruary 1861

The Secretary of State of Kansas is one of the constitutional officers of the U.S. state of Kansas. They are in charge of administering elections and voter registration for Kansas. They also get campaign finance reports. They are also able to prosecute people for voter fraud.[1]

The current Secretary of State is Scott Schwab. He has been secretary since January 14, 2019.[2]

History[change | change source]

The first Secretary of State for Kansas was John Winter Robinson. He was a doctor from Litchfield, Maine, but he moved to Manhattan, Kansas in 1857. Robinson was elected in December 1859. He became secretary in February 1861, after Kansas became a state.[3]

List of secretaries[change | change source]

Secretaries in the Kansas Territory[change | change source]

Name Term Party
Daniel Woodson 1854–1857 Democratic
Frederick P. Stanton 1857 Democratic
James W. Denver 1857–1858 Democratic
Hugh Sleight Walsh 1858–1860 Democratic
George M. Beebe 1860–1861 Democratic

State[change | change source]

Name Term Party
John Winter Robinson 1861–1862 Republican
Sanders Rufus Shepherd 1862–1863 Republican
Warren Wirt Henry Lawrence 1863–1865 Republican
Rinaldo Allen Barker 1865–1869 Republican
Thomas Moonlight 1869–1871 Republican
William Hillary Smallwood 1871–1875 Republican
Thomas Horne Cavanaugh 1875–1879 Republican
James Smith 1879–1885 Republican
Edwin Bird Allen 1885–1889 Republican
William Higgins 1889–1893 Republican
Russell Scott Osborn 1893–1895 Populist
William Corydon Edwards 1895–1897 Republican
William Eben Bush 1897–1899 Populist
George Alfred Clark 1899–1903 Republican
Joel Randall Burrow 1903–1907 Republican
Charles Eugene Denton 1907–1911 Republican
Charles Harrison Sessions 1911–1915 Republican
John Thomas Botkin 1915–1919 Republican
Lewis Julian Pettijohn 1919–1922 Republican
David Owen McCray 1922–1923 Republican
Frank Joseph Ryan 1923–1929 Republican
Edgbert Albert Cornell 1929–1933 Republican
Frank Joseph Ryan 1933–1949 Republican
Larry Ryan 1949–1951 Democratic
Paul R. Shanahan 1951–1966 Republican
Elwill M. Shanahan 1966–1978 Republican
Jack Brier 1978–1987 Republican
Bill Graves 1987–1995 Republican
Ron Thornburgh 1995–2010 Republican
Chris Biggs 2010–2011 Democratic
Kris Kobach 2011–2019 Republican
Scott Schwab 2019–present Republican

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