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A separating funnel (also called a separation funnel) is a piece of laboratory equipment. It is usually made of glass, and is used to separate two liquids, for example, oil and water. They always separate out, and this is how to remove one from the other:

Uses[change | change source]

For this example, oil and water will be used:

A mixture of oil and water is put into a separating funnel and then shaken and then left until it becomes stable again. The liquid with higher density, (in this case water), goes to the bottom of the separating funnel (because it is heavier than oil). When this is done, the bottom of the separating funnel is opened and the water flows out, leaving only the oil.

Structure[change | change source]

A separating funnel

A separating funnel is a cone shape made from glass but has a half circle, or hemisphere, on top. It has a stopper at the top and tap or hole at the bottom. The size of one can be between 50 millilitres and 3 litres.

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