Vortex mixer

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A vortex mixer

A vortex mixer is small machine used in laboratories to mix small beakers of liquids.

What is inside?[change | change source]

Inside, a vortex mixer has an electric motor which turns a pipe facing upwards. This pipe is attached to a small rubber bowl where one can put a beaker of liquid to be mixed up. The rubber bowl turns quickly and creates a vortex or a spiral flow inside any liquid which is placed on it and is therefore mixed up. Most vortex mixers have controls which let the user control how fast or slow they want the mixer to turn and can also set it to turn continuously for a certain length of time.

Where they are used[change | change source]

Vortex mixers are used in bioscience laboratories to mix two different chemicals for a desired effect or to dilute an acid or an alkali by mixing them with water.

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