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A pipette is a glass tube used for moving a specific volume of a solution.

Types of pipette:
1. Adjustable pipettes, from left: 20-200μl, 2-20μl, 100-1000μl
2. Graded transfer pipette and electric pipette filler
3. 25, 10, 5 and 2ml transfer pipettes
4. Disposable tips for adjustable pipettes
5. 12 channel adjustable pipette for microplates
6. Low retention 0.5-10μl adjustable pipette
7. Squeezable transfer pipettes
8. Digital adjustable pipette
9. Light guided pipetting system

A smaller, less accurate version, known as a teat pipette is made of plastic and is filled by squeezing a plastic bubble at the top.

A pipette used for the delivery of small fractions of a milliliter of a liquid is called a micropipette.

Accurate pipettes[change | change source]

Piston-driven air displacement pipettes, or 'micropipettes', are the most accurate and precise pipettes. They handle liquid in the microliter scale, and are used in biology and biochemistry,